Yamaha Xs650 cam chain adjustment and ignition timing

Yamaha Xs650 cam chain adjustment. Easy step by step instruction. Tutorial.

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Yamaha XS650 Static Ignition timing, How to set a points ignition. Step by set tutorial to get your motorcycle to start and run.

Tutorial, Set points with engine running with a dwell meter and a timing light for easy starts and great engine performance.

Models covered are lists below

Model Year
XS1 1970
XS1B 1971
XS2 1972
TX650 1973
TX650A 1974
XS650B 1975
XS650C 1976
XS650D 1977
XS650E 1978
XS650SE 1978
XS650F 1979
XS650SF 1979
XS650-2F 1979
XS650G 1980
XS650SG 1980
XS650H 1981
XS650SH 1981
XS650SJ 1982
XS650SK 1983

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