Motorcycle sprocket ratio optimization.

Motorcycle sprocket ratio optimization. Find the best sprocket ratio for your street or dirt bike application to use all the HP your bike has!

So your playing with Motorcycle Sprockets and trying to figure out the best sprocket ratio for your bike and riding application. There are a lot of variables that effect this, and you can spend a pile of money trying to get the right combination to suit your needs. The purpose of this video is to estimate what your end results will be, before you spend a dime. Watch the video, put your numbers in the downloaded excel spread sheet, see what you can get. Once you figure out what your new Sprocket ratio is, you can’t look up the cost in the Amazon search. Its nice to have it all on one web page. Remember everything has a trade off, you don’t get anything for nothing, but you don’t have waste any horse power you already have, whether you need more torque or speed.

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